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A Bit About Me
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I got into modelling at about 10 and started sci-fi kits in my early teens. Most of the kits I've aquired in the last two years have been online since there aren't alot of hobby shops in my area and didn't know to stock up on the "good" ones when they were in stock....Currently my "kit count" is at just over 50 with having found a few of those kits I was looking for during the summer so I have plenty to work with now for many years. I'll still collect kits if I have interest in the subject and am always on the look out for "nice-to-have" ones that I still don't have. 
I usually build my kits stock out of the box with some detailing and have started to use ordered extras and have my friend Stephen helping me make custom decals for some of my Star Trek ships.  I paint with Testors Model Master and have had much success since switching to Pro-Weld liquid cement to join my parts but still use the orange Testors glue when needed in dire cases.  I mostly hand brush my kits (I'm still not good with airbrushes) and am sure that I won't even touch some of the kits with a larger surface area until I can airbrush more efficiently.
Star Trek is my main interest but the last few months I have been working on anime and millitary kits.  I will try to have most of the kits pictured here finished or close do putting on finer details.  I'll have a section for the kits that I've just begun or am starting to fit together which will be nice to see my works in progress.  Thanks again for returning to my site!


Here's a picture of the Downtown area of my hometown, Moncton, New Brunswick.....without any snow.

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