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USS Observer

Model in a Month June 6 - July 6

The USS Observer is a Discovery Class vessel and was meant as a special operations ship used for "unofficial" and "classified" missions.  The model iteself is really my first kit-bash from the USS Reliant kit.  I wanted to try build something that could have been an early type of Defiant ship so that's where the forward "nose" came in.  Originally the Reliant's nacelles were supposed to be top mounted so I made that change as well and kept the mega phasers on the bottom.  The topedo launcher on the top was made with the lower sensor assembly, styrene cut to shape and the second torpedo launcher piece left over from the weapons pod that used to be on the roll bar.  The bottom was carved out in the middle to make room for a smaller vessel that docks inside the saucer much like the on Voyager.  I'll keep working on this one and have some more pictures with the details complete and others still in the working stages of fitting and assembly.  Hope you like what's here so far!


These are some shots of the ship.  No details yet of course just got it all one color to get the shape.  This was originally the Reliant from Wrath of Kahn but moved the parts around a little bit to make a new ship and I like how it turned out.  I still got to use the torpedo launcher on a scratched section on top.


Here's how the ship looks from behind and you can see the torpedo launcher a bit better from this angle.  The nacelles from the original Reliant kit were swapped for Movie Era Enterprise nacelles because they already had the joining gaps on the bottom which saved me some time.  I DID however have to try fill in all the scribed lines to match the rest of the ships "flat" texture.  I can't wait to get the detailing done.

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Here's a bottom shot showing some of the masking off I had to do for the docking area I cut out for the smaller support craft I decided to make for it using a part from a Klingon ship that I'll have pics of later.  The only other major difference is the mega phasers on the bottom instead of on top like the original.


This is one of the beauty shots--A head on look at the forward torpedo launcher.  To do this I just cut out the front of the saucer and stuck the launcher module in the gap, filled it up and cut it to the contour of the rest of the saucer to fit the decals in proper place.  The nacelles turned out to be very straight but this isn't the best picture to show that but more will come with detailing work.

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