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Here are links to the web sites I usually spend most of my time on, it's always good reading. Let me know about your own favorite sites or if you would like your site included!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!! 
Many thanks to each of them!!!

Starship Modeler

THE site for finding just about anything sci-fi.  Based out of Chicago-Land, John Lester (aka onezero) has put together this site which features a trading post, discussion board, model news, and lots of reference materials. Donations are greatly accepted and they have thier own online store with great merchandise and even some with the Starship Modeler logo.

Ex Astris Scientia

Based from Germany, this is Bernd Schneider's Star Trek site and has much information based on both fan created and "official" Trek info such as general Trek info, starship design and database, "Treknology", episode information from every Trek incarnation and sections for fan created materials.  Worth the time to visit on any day.

LCARS Computer Network

An interactive reference site based on the computer systems seen in Star Trek.  Too much too list, this site takes days (literally) to go through to see everything!

This is where "official" Star Trek info comes from whether it makes sense or not...Has show listings and an encyclopedia albiet not a detailed one of the Trek universe...

Maritime Science Fiction Modelers

This site features the works of other science fiction modelers in my area of the Canada...Many scratchbuild projects are included here and the subjects include but not limited to are Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, and other anime.  The site has started to become very popular recently with much traffic from the Starship Modeler site. We hope one year of being able to attend the WonderFest convention and proudly display our work! Many of my completed kits will be shown on this site so take a look and enjoy....remember to browse everyone's pages and be sure to see at what upcoming events our members will be showcasing our projects! - Canada's Sports Leader

Just in time for the National Hockey League playoff race, visit TSN to find out all the latest developments in all sport, regional, national or international. Includes a free sign up for enhanced video featurettes and opinion polls.

Firebird's Obsessions Online

My newest link, but certainly not the weakest...Here we dwell into the inner thoughts of another MSFM member, Sarah R., Flash Goddess, Transformers affectionado, harvenger of Half-Life and other cool #!%^ hehehe....ah,  nostalgia, the reason for wanting what we had in the past for ten times the price today...and actually aquiring it. Thoughts like this and more at Obsessions, I'm liking what I've seen so far on Sarah's thoughtful corner of the world wide web.