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Some early pictures until I make the files smaller....


Here's an early shot of my Defiant with the base coat.
It is a resin kit based from a holiday ornament and is in
scale with the larger 1/1400 scale Enterprise C, D and E kits.
I needed to fill the pinholes and sand away the mold excess
from one of the engines but should not have major problems
now that this has been done.


Here is my Enterprise C in 1/2500 scale.  I've started on the finer details including windows and ships' markings.  The "off" windows were drawn in with a .5mm mechanical pencil and the "on" lights will be white applied with
a fine tipped plastic thread.


This was my first Anime/Mecha kit, the Kampher 109 in 1/144 scale from the Gundam series.  The plastic was teal and was hard to fully cover.  I will be filling the seams soon and giving it a weathered desert camoflauge paint scheme.


Here is a filming model of a starship of the same class in a comparable view.  I tried to get the colors as close as I could because this is what I feel makes this ship nice to look at.

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