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Last update: March 19, 2004.

Welcome back! First off, I apologize for having no updates for the better part of six monthes. I've changed the look of the site and lost the industrial look for something simple....complicated doesn't seem to work for me most of the time. I actually FINISHED a model since July and should have it posted on the MSFM site by the end of the week (see the links page for the directions). I'm still alive and well even with the strange weather here in Atlantic Canada. The area had a hurricane in the fall not to mention the two or three 4ft snow storms depending on which area you check the weather.  As mentioned the biggest update would be the new look (again) and cleaning up some of the files that you don't get to see (Wah-hoo! I now have 14mb of webspace to play with again!).  I have WAY too many in progress kits and am actually going to start working on gettin a few of them finished, mainly my kitbashes of the TNG/DS9 era USS Observer and the TOS era USS Griffin.

I've updated the links section also. If there are any 'dead' ones, please let me know!

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips as I'm trying to improve myself too.