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The Enterprises Pg. One

Here are some pictures of my Enterprise 1701 models.


Here's a head-on shot of the TOS Enterprise.


TOS Enterprise again from the port quarter.


Here's a beauty shot of the saucer section of the Excelsior Class Enterprise B.  I'm going to try get a little more detail on the egde of the saucer with windows and such.  Stay tuned...


This picture showing the main bridge detail may be a bit fuzzy but you get the idea.


N.C.C. 1701-A.


Here's an undershot of 1701-A.


Another angle on the Enterprise B from the top quarter.  This was my favorite of the ones I've built so far as I was able to get quite a bit of detailing done on it.


This is a good example of the detailing possible on this one.  This picture of the end of the warp nacelle came out so good you can read the ship's registry number!