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"Jim, not in front of the Klingons..."


Here's the TOS Klingon Battle Cruiser from the TOS Three Piece set looking head on.  I built them for a frind, she already has the Romulan Bird of Prey and and Enterprise D I built for her birthday.


The Klingon Bird of Prey shown here is from the Adversary Three Piece Set.  It is small. It was hard to detail. It can be taken apart easily...good for mock battle scenes...I liked this one so much I detailed it using the instructions from the larger version of the same ship.


I didn't put too much detail into the aft section of this Klingon vessel but that could change if I get free time some afternoon.  I have the paint job nearly completed for the Enterprise from this set, too.                                


I didn't get the decals on the wings yet but thought this was a good undershot of the ship to put here.  I just put the ship on its backside and took the special effects really.

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