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The Enterprises Pg.Two

More of the great ship.


I've only started to work on the "C" and just have the first base coat on for now.  This is looking forward on top of the ship.


This is my work on the front end of a warp nacelle (engine) from the 1701-D ship.  This was the last ship in the first 1:2500 scale ship set.


The engineering/secondary hull assembly didn't have much detail to work with and the main deflector dish was a little tricky to paint in a couple of places.


Here's an underside view of what i have done so far....not much yet but I'm trying to during the weekends. 


Here is the "D"'s main saucer and battle neck assembly....not much detail but I am waiting for custom decals to finish this one off. 

I haven't started work on the Enterprise E yet, the latest version that we've seen in the latest Star Trek movies (for now).  Hopefully I will have all the ships finished with a display stand that will accomodate all six ships...Come back again!

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