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Misc. Ships (cont.)

More fun than you can shake a stick at...


This was the result of very little sleep combined with imagination, and parts from the space shuttle satelites, f-14, and papermate pen caps....the Harris Class vessel.  I didn't get a chance to fill with putty or get any painting done.


Here's what's left of an F-14 fusulage with the engines removed...not too much but the shape looked cool so I started working with far, so good.


This "model" has to be my crappiest job to date..I have absolutely NO clue what to do with it's about 6 inches long and about 5 inches high....nothing pretty to look at but it's a work in progress.


This side view shows more of the shape that kinda looks Cardassian in design...maybe a predacessor of the Galor class vessel of the fleet.  Well, I changed my mind and decided to go with a Romulan design intead with the larger section being the aft section and maybe the bridge at the end of the "neck"....The top of the vessel is actually the bottom of the plane that it used to be.  This ship is a little shorter than the other bash, about 4 inches long...but room for details...again, there is no paint or filler yet on the model...not yet....

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